Sunday, April 21, 2013


Usual Suspects

If the recent terrorist act(s) in Boston had been the acts of a disgruntled "right-wing extremist" (as some pundits were quick to speculate), the media chatter would now be non-stop regarding the dangers posed by common citizens opposed to taxes and government overreach. I'd imagine that people like Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin would be implicated as well for "creating an environment of hate." But, this act of terror was motivated by the fervent demon of idealist/authoritarian philosophy (e.g. "the religion of peace").

Supposedly wanting the state and other busy-bodies and control freaks to leave one alone poses a great danger. Wanting to impose a world-wide caliphate however...lets not be too quick to judge.

Another incident from the followers of Allah Akbar incorporated. Who would have guessed.

Serious condolences to all who have suffered from another meaningless act of self-righteous rage.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


America's Public Schools...



War-mongering vs. Constraint

Amazing. Even Hitler and Stalin (et al) would at least try to pull off some semblance of legitimate reasoning for what were ultimately acts of naked aggression.

With the nutcase COMMUNIST (just so you know) regime of North Korea, the most absurd, childish, and pathetic excuses are routinely given for their desire to vent a tantrum with a potential to engulf the world in turmoil (not to mention millions of deaths). Certainly their irresponsible recklessness could spark events that could lead to world war (if enough energy is focused in Asia, no doubt Iran would note a golden moment to vent their brand of insanity. If Chavez's man in Venezuela wins the election there, he'd no doubt contribute what he could to the cause of socialist totalitarianism).

The latest threats from the lunatic regime in North Korea are something along the lines of, "If we shoot a rocket at Japan and Japan shoots it down to protect their citizens then we are justified in hitting Tokyo with a nuclear weapon. Yeah...ah...okay.

The West, America, South Korea, and Japan are remarkably restrained about this. If this mentality and rhetoric were between a group of high school students, this would be the point where everyone else decides to beat the shit out of the loudmouthed asshole.

In our global "high school," the restraint showed by everyone who isn't North Korea has been amazing. Much more tolerant than I could ever be.

As a side note, for an emerging world power that seeks respect and admiration, it's time for China to choose their side with definitive statements. The nonsense of pseudo-solidarity with goose-stepping bullies with a chip on their shoulder is way past its shelf life.

Where's Douglas MacArthur when you need him?

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Margaret Thatcher Passes...and the Left's Response

To be expected.

From the same self-righteous clique that brought us "peace, love, cooperation, and tolerance." Go figure

Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Honest Reporting in Dishonest Times

Initially it sounded a little weird but, on a FOX News video the other day, they referred to North Korea as a "communist" country and later, a "dictatorship." I realized that it sounded weird because, even though everyone knows that both descriptions are completely accurate, one often finds other news sources shying away from such matter-of-fact labels.

Communism isn't supposed to be seen as a bad thing in some people's eyes, and they certainly don't want images of goose-stepping authoritarian war-mongers associated with a "philosophy" still favored by many. Calling any country (other than our own) a dictatorship is deemed "unhelpful" and in the deluded fantasy world of many intellectuals such accuracy runs contrary to their worship of relativism. Indeed, as Fox noted, North Korea is a dictatorship and a communist country. I'd add one other thing with partisan emphasis, both concepts are bad.

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